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Is it possible for an individual to sell a single bike at the CWBS?


Yes.  Anybody can sell a bike in the Singles Swap Section of the bike swap.  This area will be designated solely for individuals with a single bike, and only a bike, they wish to sell.  The fee for selling a bike in the Singles Swap Section is $15, plus the $5 for admission.  Limit two bikes per person.  No exceptions.  Simply bring your bike with you to the entrance of the bike swap where you can purchase a bike tag for the Singles Swap Section.  It is the responsibility of the individual to meet the customers, collect payment and to be with their bike until it is sold.  Individuals are only allowed to sell bikes in the Singles Swap Section.  No additional product may be sold in the Singles Swap Section.  If an individual wishes to sell a bike and additional products, a vendor space must be reserved.


Can anyone sell a bike in the bike corral?


No.  The bike corral is reserved for registered vendors only.


What method of payment will be accepted by the vendors?


Method of payment is determined by each individual vendor.  Cash will be accepted by all vendors.  Most vendors will accept credit cards and some vendors will accept personal checks.


Who can be a vendor at the CWBS?


Anyone can be a vendor.  Vendor spaces can be purchased in various configurations depending on how much space you need and what you are selling.


Will vendors be able to purchase items from other vendors before the bike swap opens to the public?


This will depend on each vendor.  Vendors are allowed to inquire with other vendors about product for sale.  However, the morning set up time can be very busy and not every vendor may be ready or willing to sell items.  In general, be courteous and allow vendors to complete the unloading and set up of their vendor space before inquiring about product.


Do vendors pay a separate admission fee?


No.  Admission fees for vendors are included in the cost of the vendor space.  Please refer to the Vendor Information page for the number of staff allowed entrance for each vendor.


Can I smoke at Harper College?


No.  Harper College is a smoke-free campus.


How do I get to Harper College?


Directions to Harper College are available on the Directions Page of this website, or click here.


Are hotels available near Harper College?


Yes.  Click here for a list of local hotels.


I don't wish to reserve a vendor space.  Can I still distribute information at the bike swap?


No.  Only registered vendors may distribute information, and only from the location of their vendor space.  Anyone else distributing information for their business/ride/cause etc. will be asked to cease their activities and leave the bike swap.  Distribution of information or solicitation is not allowed in the parking lot of Harper College.


I don't wish to reserve a vendor space.  Can I still sell my stuff at the bike swap?


No.  Only registered vendors may sell their products.  Anyone else attempting to sell any product will be asked to cease their activities and leave the bike swap.


Is the CWBS indoors or outdoors?


The bike swap is completely indoors, including the waiting area outside the entrance to the bike swap.


Is it possible to register as a vendor on the day of the bike swap?


No.  All vendors must register prior to the day of the bike swap.  More Details to Come